11 Mystique Cosplays

Out of all the characters out there, Mystique is one of the hardest to cosplay. Let’s be honest. If you don’t nail it, you might end up mostly naked and covered in blue paint on a con floor. That’s not in a good way. Just about every professional actress and model that has played Mystique has been on record complaining about the hours and pain (Yes, pain!) that it takes to don the Mystique blue. It’s hard. It’s easy to fail. And you’ve got to be flat out brave. Here are my favorite cosplayers, enduring hours of application, and knocking it out of the park. You girls are amazing!

Meluxine makes a beautiful Mystique! Here’s her Facebook page with more gorgeous galleries. That crazy good application is by Charlotte Clark Makeup and must have taken forever. While I’m almost positive she is wearing clothes, I like how they almost seamlessly blend in. Those repeating scale patterns actually look attractive and organic. That’s not easy!
Photographer: Shanna Jones with Sassy Studios. Their facebook page is here.

mystique_cosplay_02 Geekxgirls featured this classic Mystique cosplay and good grief is it good! I love everything about it, especially the eyes and attention to detail. This is an example of how a full body suit can turn out well. Mystique may be mostly nude but you can pull it off, and stay covered up, if you pay attention to detail. Find their facebook page here for cosplay that will knock your socks off.
Model and Costume Designer: Stephanie Sandrock, find her on facebook here!
Photographer: Dana Harper Photography
(I wasted an hour cruising those links guys. There’s so much eye candy!)

rogue1 Is Mystique turning into Rogue or did Rogue absorb her powers? I still can’t decide! It’s hard enough to cosplay one character so taking on two is out of the box thinking that we love. This is a truly unique twist on two iconic X-Men. The expert execution is by Northern Belle Cosplay and I love her two tone eyes.
Make Up: Roxy Lee & Beth McLeod
Photographer: Jonathan Pang
Check out their amazing combined talents at GeekxGirls to see how this was done. Stay and click guys. That’s one beautiful site!
UPDATE! Thanks to Sarai we have a link for the gorgeous Northern Belle Cosplay! Like her Facebook page and tell her hi for us!

mutant_and_proud__xmfc_mystique_by_renachan_x-d4gvdtr I love X-Men First Class cosplay! One of the best I’ve ever seen is by Esovius. It’s easy to imagine Mystique with a ponytail and as young as this cosplayer! I think the gloves are a solid choice to avoid sticky blue hands and I’m loving the matte lip color.
Photographer: Kaizen-93-link.

blue_lady_by_a_teen-d46b7yg A-Teen shows everyone how it’s done with this beautiful movie Mystique. That’s all hand painted guys, there are no latex pieces. Impressive! It must have taken hours with a paintbrush to achieve this look. For me, the best part is her hairline. You can really imagine her shifting into another form! Find her on facebook here.
Photographer: 4Mimi

629e5b0eac81a9f8418e9567b589d762 There are times when fun with Photoshop holds up and this is one of those times! How cool is this?! The cosplay could stand alone as an exceptional, but that’s just over the top awesome guys. I love it!
Model and designer: Jj-dreamworldz.
Photographer: Weatherstone

edit4 I love the long hair on this gorgeous Mystique cosplay. Meet Kearstin Nicholson and she is a-ma-zing! Check out that gold skull belt! I’m also a fan of the tough, two gun stance. This Mystique can hold her own in a fight! Here’s her facebook page full of really fun galleries. Tell her hi for us!
Photographer: Rich Johannsen of Lesson 5 Photography. Find him on facebook here.

9eb41492addc37b1173de6f8c8171cfe Celestial Raven 16 spent 4 hours in makeup to get this look. I’d say it’s worth it! The scales are liquid latex but it’s the eyes what really draw my attention. Very pretty! I like how the white blue of them blends with her skin but contrasts with her eyeliner. Nice touch! You can find her on facebook here.
Photographer: Trilliance Photography

mystique_makeup_by_yukilefay-d5vbpth This is flawless! Look at the scarlet lips and those eerie eyes. Yukilefay is the model and makeup genius behind this classic cosplay. Everything about this sleek Mystique is beautiful, from the smooth hair, to the glowing skin. She’s believable, organic, and just plain lovely.
Photographer: Vingaard

Mystique_Cosplay_by_Choiseul This is Wintersouls as a truly badass Mystique. I love it! Her pictures almost have an Underworld vibe to me. If Mystique got another reboot, I could totally see the black leather, tousled bob, and two gun weaponry working.
Makeup and Photography by the super talented Choiseul.

4a67d0de36985b1d4a76e8ca96b248a8 KellyJane is the model and makeup designer behind this exceptional X-Men First Class Mystique. The costume is movie accurate and beautifully tailored. I’m also a fan of the bright, primary colors she chose. Scarlet hair, royal skin, and canary eyes and clothes really give me a fun comic vibe. She looks battle ready!
Photographer: Tealpirate

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  1. Thank you so much for posting my Mystique!

    • Gillian says:

      Kearstin, you are absolutely an Elitist! You deserved the share! Thank you for the facebook share!

  2. Krista Rogue Benjamin can be found here, https://www.facebook.com/NorthernBelleRogue?directed_target_id=0

  3. Hey this is Celestial Raven i just wanted to thank you for featuring me but also to say that the photographer was By Trillance Photography you can find his facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Trillance?ref=br_tf So if you could credit him it would be great 😀

    • Gillian says:

      Thank you Celestial Raven! Beautiful cosplay, and I’m thrilled to find the photographer! I’ll update for him now!

  4. Thank you so much for posting my work, three always was my lucky number. 😉
    And thanks Sarai for getting my credits in there. Y’all are just marvelous.
    -Rogue xo (Northern Belle Cosplay)

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