What is Cos Couture?
Cos Couture is here for one thing. To celebrate the art of cosplay! We spend a LOT of time searching for the best of the best, and we think they should be recognized. This site is noncompetitive, and does not rank a cosplayer above or below their peers. We don’t care if you’re a first time cosplayer or a full time professional. Good is good, and it deserves to be seen. The person in the last spot is just as important as the person in the first. There’s no order here!

How do I get featured?
Contact Gillian! Like Cos Couture on our Facebook page and send her a message. Please keep in mind that her time is limited, so make sure to include all names, pages, and links you want her to see.

I found myself, but I’m not credited.
Yikes! We do our best, but sometimes this happens. Just contact us and we will fix it immediately with any links you choose. You guys deserve your props! Also, if you would like your name changed, a Facebook page added, or anything else, we’re happy to help.

Why all the links?
Cos Couture will never be one of those awful pic dump sites. We strongly believe that if a cosplayer spends that much time and effort bringing their vision to life that they deserve to be recognized for it. We promise to always link cosplayers, artists, photographers and anyone else involved every chance we get. Besides, just because we post one awesome cosplay doesn’t mean these people don’t have 10 more. You don’t want to miss out do you?! Visit their Facebook pages and get to know them!

What do you think about the competitive nature of cosplay?
This is NOT our deal. If you want conflict, seek it elsewhere! Cos Couture is a safe place. Gillian doesn’t tolerate nasty comments, ranking, or popularity contests. Honestly, we don’t care if your Facebook page has one like or one million. We protect our cosplayers here, we don’t judge them. Eventually, Cos Couture will become one huge searchable database of beautiful cosplay designs. This is a place to find inspiration, not competition!

Side eye. The fact that a cosplayer’s weight is even an issue is why Cos Couture is here. A body is a beautiful thing and there is no set mold that we all must conform to. The fact that comic book artists can draw lethal curves on a woman and a cosplayer is vilified for having them shows just how skewed the weight issue has become. Rock curves! Rock skinny! If you are a cosplayer and you are reading this I want to tell you something.

The only “perfection” you need to strive for is how you feel about yourself and your craft. Agonize over your armor build, not your waistline. Celebrate yourself, be proud of yourself, and send me your pictures. The only way we can remove the stigma of a weight issue (Thin and curvy) is to do it ourselves. You have my support!

I’m not a big fan of this cosplay. Why did you include it?
Whelp, because it’s our site, Gillian is the writer, and she liked it! She gets to be the queen of this tiny kingdom and she plays by her own rules. It’s her job to show you lots of different takes on the same character, even if she can’t find every single one. If someone is featured on Cos Couture it’s because they made her smile, and she liked their work. She spots quality, but that doesn’t mean she has to nit pick it to death and tell you what she would change. We humbly ask that you do the same! If you don’t like a cosplayer’s efforts we have a simple solution. Keep quiet, make the costume yourself, the way YOU love it, and send us your stuff. There’s always room for more art in the world and that’s what you’re making!

You forgot to feature my favorite cosplayer in your character article!

Gillian is just one person and even though she’s always online she simply can’t find you all. She may have passed them by because they have already been featured as that character multiple times and she wanted others to have a chance to shine. She may have just missed them! Feel free to message us on our Facebook page and submit there. Just because we have featured that character once doesn’t mean we won’t be planning another article!



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