Dragon Con, Part 3 of 4

Dragoncon is an event unlike any other. This year was no exception. Over the course of this week, we will share some of our favorite costumes from this year’s big show! You can see the full gallery on our facebook page here.

Wastelanders had better watch out when they see these raiders coming their way. I loved their inclusion of the various specific weapons from Fallout (especially the Ripper)!


One of my absolute favorite things to come from the Star Wars fandom is baby Kylo. Seeing this costume walking the floor of Dragon Con had me bursting out in laughter. I asked for a cookie, by the way. He totally said no.


Cosplay is for all ages, as show by this duo. Bishop and Jubilee were ready to take on whatever the future held! To me, my X-Men!


Mash ups. You know I love ’em. And I especially loved this Jedi Elf. I was actually taking this photo when he was approached by a custom lightsaber builder who asked him to model some unique sabers. How awesome!


You know, I’m always taking pictures at events, but it never really occurred to me what it was like having a big camera shoved in my face. Until. This. Guy. Ok, ok! I get it!


Throughout the weekend, you see all types of costumes. Some big, some small, some detailed, and some that are perfect. This Dumbledore is the latter. I was speechless at the sheer beauty and perfection of this costume. The beard is real. The robes were beautiful. The book was leather. Literally speechless.


I know lots of guys that if they were cut like this Silver Surfer, they’d be walking around mostly naked too. Have to respect the work that goes into having a body like that. Then again, it must be nothing for a herald of Galactus.


Speaking of the Devourer of Planets, this was another Deadpool that I loved seeing on the floor. Originally I thought it was a mash up, but I was swiftly corrected that it IS actually canon. Galactus Pool will devour Dragon Con!


LOOK AT THE SPARKLES! Yes, I am attracted to shiny and wonder woman, so when you show me SHINY WONDY?! Happy me! Look how cute she is!


NOT CUTE! This clown was terrifying! But hey, if that’s your goal, mission accomplished. I yelped when I saw her.


Captain Planet, he’s a hero! This one sparked the nostalgia in me for sure. I always wanted to be a Planeteer. And I absolutely LOVED this Captain Planet. He even had a little light up Earth!


That’s all for today! Be sure to check back tomorrow for our final day of Dragon Con coverage.

Also, if you haven’t yet, please check out the fund raiser for our women’s support group, Themyscira!


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