Dragon Con 2014 – Part 2

Part 2 is here! Thanks for being so patient with me everyone as I wade through the snowfall that is your messages. I’m still answering stuff and I love talking to you guys so hang in there! In the meantime here are more photos, stories, and thank you’s from this geeky girl. You are the coolest people I know and I’m so lucky I got to meet so many of you at Dragon Con. See you next year!
1451384_1462108100727262_2093059258070574493_nFirst up, registration. This is literally the only photo I got of the whole process. Why? Because it was hands down the fastest registration I’ve even gone through. I mean it, I just walked right to the front, met a volunteer, and walked out. Boom. That has never happened to me before! At any con! Well done Dragon Con. I have no idea how you coordinated that but you crushed it.

Ready for some cosplay photos and stories guys? I have so many!
2014-08-28 13.02.21This is Donnie Coleman and I met him Day 1 in the Marriott. He was hilarious and watching him balance for a crush of photographers cracked me up. Hold that pose, hoooold it… And he did!
2014-08-28 14.30.02I came across this incredible Assassin’s Creed cosplayer and was struck by how beautiful she was. Inside and out. Every. single. inch of this costume is finished and after I snapped this photo she patiently let me ooh and ah over the details. She even turned several times to point out her arrows, her weapons, and then kicked up a boot so I could see how they were constructed.

Know what strikes me the most? There are only 2 kinds of people that care about this level of detail. A cosplayer, and a quirky cosplay writer like myself. Why would she finish something so that it is better than movie quality? Because it mattered to her. That matters to me and I saw it over and over again this weekend. Cosplayers, you leave me breathless.
2014-08-28 14.32.28Love, love, loved meeting this Toothless! Watching him/her walk was amazing but the snuggle was so cute. Toothless had a handler there and I politely dropped my camera when he was drinking water but stayed to watch and hand the pair my card. I’m so glad I did because they said hi! Meet Breach of Reality and stalk their Facebook page. This guy standing up is worth going for!
2014-08-30 20.14.52Guys, I met Thomas Willeford of Brute Force Studios! I’m a huge fan of his work so when I spoke to these two my jaw dropped when he said his name. I must have looked like an idiot but you would forgive me to if you’ve seen his steampunk Iron Man. It was amazing talking to them about their studio and getting to touch and see that armor up close was a huge con highlight for me.

Dragon Con bonus: I called my husband right after I walked away and was all “Ermagerd I met Brute Force Studios!!!” My call went through. Why? Because my cell carrier deployed a cellular on wheels (aka a COW) right in the center of Dragon Con. Let that sink in… I had cell service. At Dragon Con. It was an unexpected bonus and those COWs let me stay in touch all weekend.
2014-08-30 12.16.42More Wonder Woman shoot stories! I adore Jay Justice’s work so when I spotted her in the crowd I walked over to say hi. She recognized me and then immediately snagged my Wonder Woman koozie for a photo. I’d been carrying that thing around for days so it was an unintentional but fun prop and a fun moment for me. Run to her Facebook page and say hi will you? That megawatt smile is all her, and she was a joy to talk to!
2014-08-28 13.10.53I am dying to know who this is!!! Beautiful makeup was everywhere and when I snapped this shot I had to be close because of the crowds. A shame, because her costume was so pretty. I handed her my card but if you know her please comment. I’d love to say hello to the person that made me lose my place in the Starbucks line because I just had to get her picture!
2014-08-28 12.06.00A Gillian con story: My business partner and Team Detty Cosplay were lost and got on a “hellivator” in I don’t even know what hotel. Poor John was closest to the doors and when they opened he got off, not on our floor. The doors closed on his surprised face and up we went. I’m all “Oh no! We lost Captain America!” Jessica, his fiance and best handler on the planet, immediately deadpans “Well that’s what he gets for trying to be a hero.” The entire elevator cracked up! We got off in search of our Cap.

This photo was snapped by me as be went down two floors to find him. Sad panda Captain America has a better sense of direction than us! Team Detty really made a stressful situation bearable and they did it all weekend. I’m honored to call this hilarious, talented, and beautiful couple my friends. Thanks for helping me get through this con guys. I couldn’t have done it without you.
2014-08-29 00.02.12Totally fangirled over the amazing talent I met! So many friends new and old. This is James T. Wulfgur with CosAwesome Studios and I now totally adore his crew. They’re crazy talented and every time I saw them I ended up laughing. Cons are hard on me and James without even meaning to made me smile. Go like their page to see all the members and prepare to be entertained. Nothing compares to these guys!

2014-08-30 13.31.15 Look at the insane detail on these wings by Cool By Proxy Productions. They were so darn fun to talk to and let me take a ton of photos. It was a hilariously awkward situation… They were all “Omg you’ve heard of us?!” and I was all “Omg I’m talking to you!” We mutually fangirled and I can’t wait to stalk their Facebook page again. This is what cons are for. Making new friends! They’re also mega eye candy. There was a huge crowd of photographers around them so I can’t thank them enough for letting me walk up close to see how those wings were built.
10410971_786591098067832_3808975510097860199_nAnd speaking of friends, I’ve got to say I loved Dragon Con’s accepting nature. Shy me still has a hard time saying hello to my peers and you guys just wouldn’t take no for an answer. I got to meet website idols like Project Nerd, Living for the Moments, and Word of the Nerd and I had a blast! We traded business cards, pointers, and compliments and then every single website writer gave me a list of cosplayers I should scout. My phone is positively bursting with new talent thanks to all of these boys so I’d like to thank them for making the tiny girl feel so welcome.

Standing on that floor I looked around and saw website owners and writers I loved and looked up to. Every single one brought something different to the table and there was never a feeling of competition. The talent standing there and their absolute acceptance of me was mind blowing and one of my favorite moments of the entire con.
2014-08-29 00.51.03Where did I stay? Cos Couture rented a house! We opened it up to a few talented folks and the stories are hilarious. So much fun, but the thing that stands out most were the impromptu mini panels. Artists would break out their costumes and trade pointers and styles so it was one huge weekend long workshop of ideas. We all came hope bursting with information and new things to work on! Will I do it again next year? Absolutely!
2014-08-28 09.18.55 Lastly, I have to thank the fun guys! Superhero Stuff kept me decked out in totally adorable tees and I practically lived in my Superman shorts. This Superman tee is my new fave as well and withstands the wear that is Hurricane Gillian. I have one dryer setting… Hot. I will buy more Superhero stuff, you’ve absolutely sold me!

And did you follow me on Instagram and Twitter? If you did you might have snagged a gift certificate from Costume SuperCenter! I gave away 4, one for each day, and I can guarantee you I was more surprised to be recognized than they were. Thanks Costume SuperCenter for helping me make 4 new friends and I can’t wait to see what they buy. Cosplay on us guys!

I have so much more to tell you all but this post is long enough. We’ll talk about my super secret and silly cosplay another time and if you want more pictures please head on over to my Facebook page. Feel free to tag yourself and I hope to see you next year!


  1. A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of sharing an airport shuttle with Thomas Willeford. I had no idea who he was until he said he made steampunk mechanical arms and said something about Castle and I started meeping and flailing because I suddenly realized who he was! Embarrassed myself, I did.

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