10 Poison Ivy Cosplays


I will never get tired of collecting Poison Ivy cosplayers. This venomous DC Comics villain has endless costume designs and the sky is the limit when it comes to adding her to a cosplay wardrobe. From classic comics to original designs, get ready to get inspired! Roxy Lee GG is stunning as Poison Ivy. This […]

10 Joker Cosplays


Are you ready for some truly deadly grins? You better be, because today’s character is the Joker! Find a wide range of makeup, costuming, and wickedly good cosplayers in today’s feature. I love them all! First up is the most famous grin in cosplay, Harley’s Joker. While I’ve featured him before I’d be hung by […]

10 Elizabeth Cosplays


It’s no secret that BioShock is one of my favorite games and I love that Elizabeth is such a popular character to cosplay. With so many gorgeous costume designs my archives are filling up fast, and I’m still collecting! Meet 11 of my current favorites below and remember to click some pages. Several of these […]

11 Faun Cosplays


I love fantasy cosplay designs because each creature comes strictly from the mind of it’s creator. It’s art, and no two mythical creatures will be alike because no two cosplayers are alike. Fauns are a favorite of mine so I’ve chosen 11 beautiful woodland creatures, each one unique, and beautiful in her own way! First […]

13 Lara Croft Cosplays


With tons of video games to her name, Lara Croft of Tomb Raider goes through quite a few costume changes. Her evolution has been a joy to follow and I love collecting for features of her. Because I’m still not writing this week I’m going for straight up eye candy and giving you some of […]

12 Catwoman Cosplays


Cosplayer: Kimihako Blade Photographer: Affliction Cosplay Photography Cosplayer: Ashpash Cosplay Photographer: Suckseeding Photography Cosplayer: Miss T cosplay Additional links for Miss T cosplay: DeviantArt Photographer: Alister Brenton Bombshell. Love the cat pin. Cosplayer: Amberle Linnea Photographer: Poprock Photography Cosplayer: Kyuu Vixen Cosplay Additional links for Kyuu Vixen Cosplay: DeviantArt Photographer: WeNeals Photography and Retouching Comic […]



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  • A 1930s Bride Updo http://www.colincowieweddings.com/articles/fashion-beauty/bridal-beauty-1930s-curls-tutorial

    Pinned: 16 Nov 2015
  • I think part of my weakness for 1940s hair is how *neat and pretty* it is at the same time as it's *securely stowed.* Pin these styles well enough (and maybe even pomade them a little, I don't know), and you don't have to be terrified of wind. You can go on about your business without forever worrying about your hair. And that's. ~relieved sigh~ That's worth somethin'.

    Pinned: 16 Nov 2015
  • how to wear a 1940s hair snood plus 4 hair tutorials via Va-Voom Vintage

    Pinned: 16 Nov 2015
  • I hate victory rolls, beehives, and a lot of pin-up hair styles for this day and age, but some of these are JUST low-key enough to be used on occasion

    Pinned: 16 Nov 2015
  • If you don't have bobby pins, try it with two hair ties. Start by pulling the back half of your hair into a high ponytail using one tie. Then, pull the rest of your hair into a larger ponytail around the first. This will give you the height and pop you are looking for!

    Pinned: 16 Nov 2015
  • 1960′s Bombshell Hair Tutorial

    Pinned: 16 Nov 2015
  • The Freckled Fox : Sweetheart Hair Week: Tutorial #1 - Classic Bombshell

    Pinned: 16 Nov 2015
  • love this look, love the turban, great high school senior photography pose

    Pinned: 13 Nov 2015
  • ok Marichia on the beach with an umbrella???@Norell Wyatt

    Pinned: 13 Nov 2015
  • This would be a cute save the date picture. Have the couple kissing and the date written on the umbrella

    Pinned: 13 Nov 2015


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