18 Horror Makeup Ideas


Victoria Vaughn Cosplay is absolutely eerie in this zippered face adaption. Zippered eyes! Makeup artist: Vanessa Le Arias Photographer: AshB images I’ve looked for weeks but this nightmare fuel is sadly uncredited. If you know the makeup artist, model, or photographer please comment and let me know. I can’t stop staring at those bottomless eyes. […]

9 Cruella de Vil Cosplays


“You beasts! But I’m not beaten yet. You’ve won the battle, but I’m about to win the wardrobe.” Cruella is back for another feature! LOVE THIS!!! Retro Joad can be found on Facebook as half of the cosplay duo Critical Miss & Retro Joad Cosplay and Cabaret. Genderbent Cruella…fantastic! Photographer: Convoke Photography Blue eyes and […]

9 Princess Celestia Cosplays


First up is HollyGloha! I adore this sweet girl and follow her on Twitter. Every single thing she creates is a work of art so browse her portfolio on DeviantArt and then follow her on Facebook. Photographer: FilmShooter Lovely SailorPao is back for another feature! Her Princess Celestia is beautiful but the real treasure are […]

11 Poison Ivy Cosplays


Poison Ivy is back for another feature! I simple can’t stay away from this beautiful character and adding more exceptional cosplayers to my archives is a joy. Meet 11 more of my favorites in today’s article and then use the Comics drop down menu to see dozens more. Each one is unique so get inspired! […]

11 Megara Cosplays


It’s time for a dose of Disney! Megara is the queen on one liners and has a delightfully snarky attitude. Add in her pretty purple dress and you’ve got a rare and wonderful Disney darling. Meet 11 of my favorites in today’s feature. Each one is a treasure, and unique in her own way! “People […]

11 Ramona Flowers Cosplays


First up is Another Castle Cosplay! I love everything about this cosplay. The boots, the photography, the handle on the hammer… all fantastic. Like her Facebook page for more photos and then find her on Instagram here. Photographer: Volk Photography Pink goggles and nails! Variable is just plain pretty as Ramona Flowers. Find her cosplay […]



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  • A 1930s Bride Updo http://www.colincowieweddings.com/articles/fashion-beauty/bridal-beauty-1930s-curls-tutorial

    Pinned: 16 Nov 2015
  • I think part of my weakness for 1940s hair is how *neat and pretty* it is at the same time as it's *securely stowed.* Pin these styles well enough (and maybe even pomade them a little, I don't know), and you don't have to be terrified of wind. You can go on about your business without forever worrying about your hair. And that's. ~relieved sigh~ That's worth somethin'.

    Pinned: 16 Nov 2015
  • how to wear a 1940s hair snood plus 4 hair tutorials via Va-Voom Vintage

    Pinned: 16 Nov 2015
  • I hate victory rolls, beehives, and a lot of pin-up hair styles for this day and age, but some of these are JUST low-key enough to be used on occasion

    Pinned: 16 Nov 2015
  • If you don't have bobby pins, try it with two hair ties. Start by pulling the back half of your hair into a high ponytail using one tie. Then, pull the rest of your hair into a larger ponytail around the first. This will give you the height and pop you are looking for!

    Pinned: 16 Nov 2015
  • 1960′s Bombshell Hair Tutorial

    Pinned: 16 Nov 2015
  • The Freckled Fox : Sweetheart Hair Week: Tutorial #1 - Classic Bombshell

    Pinned: 16 Nov 2015
  • love this look, love the turban, great high school senior photography pose

    Pinned: 13 Nov 2015
  • ok Marichia on the beach with an umbrella???@Norell Wyatt

    Pinned: 13 Nov 2015
  • This would be a cute save the date picture. Have the couple kissing and the date written on the umbrella

    Pinned: 13 Nov 2015


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