20 Flower Headdresses

From fantasy, to bridal, to Day of the Dead floral wreaths, these 20 flower headdresses will leave you inspired. Get ready to visit some seriously pretty Etsy stores and craft what you love!
il_570xN.644004203_vvggA simple flower crown of creamy white peonies by The Blooming Beauty. The headband is elastic so feel free to try this on any hairstyle you can imagine.

4884421debe20fc8d764671110d0cefeNever underestimate the power of one huge bloom! I love this untitled photo by Eugenia Podgornaya.

il_570xN.590725847_bd8cWisteria by Victory Vintage Boutique. This Etsy shop is famous for going big! Their headdresses pack a serious punch so snag one and make an impact of your own.
Additional links for Victory Vintage Boutique: Their Website and Facebook

6339cad74491bf16f4bcde0b034c3a62This soft and feminine flower crown by Gardens of Whimsy was created by loosely braiding vines and then adding mini velvet hydrangea blooms. I adore their Gardens of Whimsy. So many sweet looks and not enough excuses to wear them!
Additional links for Gardens of Whimsy: Facebook

87d66644d58f79f0d043cddc773c2a5fThe cala lily wool fascinator by Eve Anders Eco Fashion. While this one has sold she has several others in her shop and yes, she accepts requests for custom orders!
Additional links for Eve Anders: Facebook

e8ee7d87fd1f777db79bec81939b2049Tattoos and huge red blooms. This incredible flower crown image is one of my favorites!
Photographer: Malians Shoebox
Makeup: Joanne Lee
Model: Siti
Source: Dark Beauty Magazine

f96d13d29c9fb92b067dd466ae7df707Not into flowers? The garden is full of ideas like this brown fungus and flower headpiece by Miss G Designs. Mushroom blooms are just as pretty!
Additional links for Miss G Designs: Facebook

d38c12727fc57937e5db8d86dc1b200cThis scarlet rose fascinator by Eve Anders Eco Fashion was created using mixed techniques of nuno, wet and needle felting, incorporating hand dyeing and wool painting with merino wool, silk fibers and chiffon silk. That’s a lot of work for one giant flower and it’s absolutely worth it!
Additional links for Eve Anders: Facebook

9f619a6fe5a10df4ec24050adc54aa55This classic flower crown is one of my favorites. It’s the Dark Woods Flower Crown by Nomad Floral Designs and I can see it everywhere. A Day of the Dead sugar skull, a wedding, and a woodland autumn fairy. Anyone would be proud to wear a piece like this, including me!

il_570xN.436998922_imyoPerfect for any goddess, the Laurel Wreath by Serenity Crystal. The velvet flowers are forget me nots!

d4acc09d660a7c3d9bf5f03631bcde16Rule the autumn weather with this pinecone tiara by GiveMeLoveAndWork. The pinecones are real and as an added bonus each purchase has a percentage donated to a conservation charity. Royalty indeed!

1e7fce6fa41b0c9d9112bb403e27a5f7Soft and feminine, this magenta flower crown is by whichgoose. Their shop is gorgeous so go, just be prepared to stay. Fairies and brides beware!
Additional links for whichgoose: Facebook

23723e122144c569b4398a9c33dba8f3Loving this flower crown by Enchanted Dreamwear. The two bunches of flowers on the sides is so pretty and I really like how they incorporated jewelry, feathers, and fair falls to create a unique piece.
Additional links for Enchanted Dreamwear: Their Website and Facebook

44b8b1861e92a2e3637a05684438cbe5Sometimes the back is the best part. This is cascading twig and flower tiara by Hazel Faire is exquisite and it hardly stands out. Their shop is packed with equally gorgeous designs and it was impossible to pick a favorite.
Additional links for Hazel Faire: Facebook

2ce4d4ff876abd0fac6c94b16413028dWow! The purple orchid flower headdress by Miss G Designs. Look closely to see the green fungus as accent material and the simple headband that holds it all together. That’s so clever!
Additional links for Miss G Designs: Facebook

fb823b2ffbba2e8a46c996d254e52c04The House That Lars Built will leave you breathless. This wildflower crown is just one design is a website that is so beautiful you’ll never want to leave. Visit and lose hours!
Additional links for The House That Lars Built: Facebook
Photographer: Pretty Chic

il_570xN.635912021_hgyxThe double crown by Hazel Faire. I love the two twining twigs accented with berries and the flowers on the side.
Additional links for Hazel Faire: Facebook

2b819796cf9e2d57ac78c11849c27865Go bright and keep your crown forever with felt flowers! This one is by The Felt Flower Shop and I love the cheerful feel of this store. So pretty, so fun, and so perfect for any occasion!
Additional links for The Felt Flower Shop: Facebook

a24f946f973b0a08c2b506ff4468aeb7Look how sweet! A flower crown not your thing? Try a hat like this one made from a single morning glory bloom. It’s the work of Lalabug Designs and I adore their store. It’s a fairytale come to life!
Additional links for Lalabug Designs: Facebook

7622d425bccb2c73ec307147d5f5adefLast but never least, everything old is new again. I’m always inspired by history and this French was worn in America (Boston) in the mid-19th century. Be inspired by the past and make the present bloom!
Source: Boston Museum of Fine Arts

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