15 Vintage Hair Tutorials

I’m so excited to be a part of The Bombshell Cruise! Any geeky person can go, and with a pin up theme it’s going to be so much fun. The Bahamas, bombshells, and geeky friends vacationing together. Seriously, I can’t wait! To get everyone in the mood I’ve compiled 15 awesome vintage hairstyles. I hope to see a few on the ship, and if you want something fun to do in January, 2017 I hope you’ll come to. Heat up that curling iron and get inspired!

enhanced-buzz-21774-1407893518-12The best way to start is with big retro waves and curls. They’re a vintage hair staple! Break out those hot rollers and give the tutorial by Tori Tutorial a try. Seriously, it is so simple!

3c8ff4d5e0d5d3c5f013c944781d51d7Having trouble with your snood or vintage hat? Having a bad hair day? You need Va-Voom Vintage in your life. She’s amazing, and you’re going to learn so many hair accessory things!

276479a5890237eb459df79c57e95c2eEvery pin up needs to master victory rolls. The Freckled Fox will walk you through it in no time. It’s definitely not as hard as you think!

fddfe0ce559978759450ca5bb9b74528Have short to medium hair? Then you’re perfect for Marilyn Monroe’s picture perfect hair! Try the easy to follow tutorial by xoVain for great results.

enhanced-buzz-20071-1407894290-8Created by mimi & taylor, this updo with 1930’s curls is gorgeous. The slideshow tutorial makes it look so easy!

grid-cell-29351-1408877325-5Remember the pink foam curlers we used to sleep in? I do! This librarian in the 1940’s hairstyle by By Gum, By Golly is so easy and it’s perfect for shoulder length hair.

IMG_9159If your bandana keeps slipping or you just hate tying one, don’t worry. This amazing tutorial by Discount Queens is no sew, no time, and no trouble at all. Here’s another added bonus. You only have to do it once!

32f75357e92ca4f94169a7b9824bb7c6The Rockabilly Rosie is perfect for a day out. Don’t worry about your curls and still look fantastic. Let The Freckled Fox show you how!

6a61c111e5d21f447ed30701919db239Rockabilly Online’s tutorial and video makes 1940’s victory rolls as easy as 1, 2, 3. You’ll love this versatile look!

PIN-UP1Make your ponytail a showstopper with this swirl of a curl by Sea of Shoes. So cute!

enhanced-buzz-5934-1407895325-4The busier the better with Bridget Bardot’s messy beehive. My favorite tutorial is by Audrey Marie Beauty. It’s not as hard as you think!

bd805a1698e2f3b8d81c222e8ad30296Check out this giant sock bun tutorial by GHD. I want to touch it!

eb949dceab3a4b2665fb74ae495eb310The faux vintage bangs you often see are called bumper bangs and they’re so easy to create. Follow this video and tutorial by The Rebel Circus to get started. Bring on the bombshell!

639acfe2e8d99174ee27ca35df3b4430Finger waves are insanely hard to create so let’s start simple with vintage waves for lots of gorgeous volume. This tutorial by Latest Hairstyles is just the way to start. Let’s practice, and move on to those finger waves together!

3af72ac3981666e8c3fb0e49e545b651Last but never least, let’s end at the beginning! No vintage hairstyle happens without the curls. This handy guide by The Beauty Snoop walks you through the different styles of curls and even has a tutorial for vintage waves. Now break out that curling iron and try yourself. It’s fantastic!

Want to set sail with us? You totally can! No costume is required, there’s tons of freebies and fun, and we’re going to the Bahamas!!! Just join the group to get started. I can’t wait to see everyone!

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  • A 1930s Bride Updo http://www.colincowieweddings.com/articles/fashion-beauty/bridal-beauty-1930s-curls-tutorial

    Pinned: 16 Nov 2015
  • I think part of my weakness for 1940s hair is how *neat and pretty* it is at the same time as it's *securely stowed.* Pin these styles well enough (and maybe even pomade them a little, I don't know), and you don't have to be terrified of wind. You can go on about your business without forever worrying about your hair. And that's. ~relieved sigh~ That's worth somethin'.

    Pinned: 16 Nov 2015
  • how to wear a 1940s hair snood plus 4 hair tutorials via Va-Voom Vintage

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  • I hate victory rolls, beehives, and a lot of pin-up hair styles for this day and age, but some of these are JUST low-key enough to be used on occasion

    Pinned: 16 Nov 2015
  • If you don't have bobby pins, try it with two hair ties. Start by pulling the back half of your hair into a high ponytail using one tie. Then, pull the rest of your hair into a larger ponytail around the first. This will give you the height and pop you are looking for!

    Pinned: 16 Nov 2015
  • 1960′s Bombshell Hair Tutorial

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  • The Freckled Fox : Sweetheart Hair Week: Tutorial #1 - Classic Bombshell

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  • love this look, love the turban, great high school senior photography pose

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  • ok Marichia on the beach with an umbrella???@Norell Wyatt

    Pinned: 13 Nov 2015
  • This would be a cute save the date picture. Have the couple kissing and the date written on the umbrella

    Pinned: 13 Nov 2015


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