11 Faun Cosplays

I love fantasy cosplay designs because each creature comes strictly from the mind of it’s creator. It’s art, and no two mythical creatures will be alike because no two cosplayers are alike. Fauns are a favorite of mine so I’ve chosen 11 beautiful woodland creatures, each one unique, and beautiful in her own way!

10603528_318836278284830_1557785142264652079_nFirst up is Icy and I love her spotted faun makeup with it’s surprising touches of purple. It looks amazing with those distinctive black horns!
Additional links for Icy: DeviantArt and Tumblr
Photographer: Grant Brummett’s Photography

10176049_797421210269787_3265431494228250584_n Shattered Stitch Cosplay is truly an artist. Her Facebook page is packed with couture level costuming and her faun with blooming flower bow is no exception.
Additional links for Shattered Stitch Cosplay: DeviantArt, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr
Photographer: W. Abercrombie Photography

10338830_575991049166536_5392811011120929927_nLook at those beautiful faun legs. This is Noora Nevalainen Cosplay and I had so much fun reading the build notes on her Facebook page. Her feet are actually high heels with the heel ripped off and wooden hooves attached. Very cool!
Additional links for Noora Nevalainen Cosplay: DeviantArt
Photographer: Marko Saari

10532863_661251433985921_4726985641857728675_n Chubear Cosplay looks incredible! I always admire cosplayers who break their own boundaries and Chubear conquered several fears to bring her body painted faun to life. Bravo, and she looks incredible!
Additional links for Chubear Cosplay: Twitter and Instagram
Based on artwork by: J. Scott Campbell
Photographer: Saffels Photography

10443500_607093252721804_8892398431014418147_n Elizabeth Wither’s faun makeup just makes me smile. Those two tone lips are so pretty. Several more designs can be found on her page so visit, and start scrolling!
Additional links for Elizabeth Wither: Tumblr
Horns by: Hero and Villain Designs
Photographer: Selfie!

10014536_868730509844937_1546780951846557676_nThere is nothing Lisa Lou Who can’t do. Her portfolio is extraordinary so visit, and be prepared to stay. Every album, every time is a work of art and several of her characters boast original designs. Each one is a treasure!
Additional links for Lisa Lou Who: Her Website, Twitter, and Instagram
Photographer: Martin Wong

10516654_533703903423510_8200671959163907519_nI am so happy I found Cindyrella Cosplay! I spotted her at Dragon Con and was so sad I lost her in the crowd before getting her photo. I adore her faun’s colors and she has a teensy bird prop that is the sweetest thing ever. Do you see it perched on her finger?
Additional links for Cindyrella Cosplay: DeviantArt and Tumblr
Photographer: Chris Herrera Photography

1901660_828189273875022_7814912260061690821_nI had a hard time choosing a photo of Nana Kuronoma as her deer faun. Those horns are breathtaking! The hard part is that her legs are just as amazing. Visit her page for full body shots and then stay to see the rest of her albums.
Additional links for Nana Kuronoma: DeviantArt, Twitter, and Tumblr
Photographer: sirFranzis photography

warrior_faun_by_emilyrosa-d7gfbszIf you love fantasy cosplay designs Lightening Cosplay is your stop. Her warrior faun is a work of art! Each photo on her page reveals more details and holy craftsmanship… Wow!
Additional links for Lightening Cosplay: Her Website, DeviantArt, Instagram, Etsy, and YouTube
Photographer: Fotograf-13

395930_10151020527031446_404336092_n Allegriana’s work with Organic Armor leads to albums so gorgeous you could stay for days. It’s a partnership I hope never stops since both otherworldly designers are made for one another. Isn’t she beautiful?
Additional links for Allegriana: Her Website, DeviantArt, Tumblr, and Twitter
Photographer: Smoot Photography

1458496_747820375242334_2017898689_nLast but never least is Jenasis Arts Cosplay and I was blown away by what she used to create her faun. It’s 100% constructed from recycled fur from old teddy bears! Her ears are also one of my all time favorites so drop by her page and give her a follow. It’s worth it!
Additional links for Jenasis Arts Cosplay: Instagram and Tumblr
Photographer: None credited

10431383_722548897788378_4738463578081099271_oI was struck speechless when I saw Maja Felicitas as a centaur and because I know it will be ages before I find enough for a collection I wanted to share her here today. The pink and white design is made even more girly by adding flowers and my favorite part is her hind legs. They actually move with her when she walks!
Photographer: Fotograf-13

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